Scripter does not install for macOS ARM

Hello - the latest version of Scripter (7.31) does not install for macOS ARM under Delphi 11.3. The installation goes through win64 and OSX64, but fails for macOS ARM with an error message (I have previously emailed the installation log file to you). Any hope that Scripter will support macOS ARM in the future?

Topic moved to the correct category, as this is not a feature request.

It already supports macOS ARM.

Your log file indicates:

ld: file not found: bplrtl280.dylib

It still looks like your macOS ARM64 platform is not properly configured.

OK, thanks. I can compile and deploy Delphi 11 projects that do not use Scripter for macOS ARM64, so Delphi for ARM64 seems to be properly configured except for this specific problem. Any hints about how I could start to track this down would be much appreciated.

Please try to create an empty package (not project), add macOSARM64 platform to it and try to compile it.

If you still succeed, please try to open RAD Studio Command Prompt and try to compile the same package from command line using msbuild <name of your package .dproj>.

Hello again, no I can not compile an empty project with ARM64, and Delphi gives a similar error message as in the Scripter installer log:

[dccosxarm64 Error] E2597 ld: warning: directory not found for option '-LC:\Users\ohamm\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Imports\OSXARM64'
ld: file not found: bplrtl280.dylib

Now there is a folder in my Documents called Embarcadero\Studio, but it does not contain the folder 22.0, so no wonder this error appears. But what can I do? Do I need to set a new path somewhere in Delphi?

I realize this is a Delphi question, not a Scripter question, so it's not your problem really!

I suggest you simply run the Delphi installer again. I believe there is even a "Repair" option in the installer. Maybe it will fix the issues.