InspectorBar - ptFont - expanding font size

In InspectorBar.pas the ptFont PropertyType opens a FontDialog and sets the font size to the InspectorItem.fontvalue size * DPIScale. But this is not reversed when the font is passed back to the InspectorItem. So on a hires monitor with DPIScale of 1.5, if a font starts at 8pts, even if nothing is changed but the user clicks OK in the Font Dialog or just the style is changed, the font returned is now 12pts, which if opened again will become 18pts, and next time 27pts....

  if FEditItem.PropertyType = ptFont then
    FD := TFontDialog.Create(Self);
    FD.Font.Height := Round(FDPIScale * FD.Font.Height);
    if FD.Execute then
      FInspectorEditBtn.Text := FD.Font.Name;

Thanks for reporting. We traced & solved this issue. Next update will address this.

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