Increasing height in a detail fmxedit control inside fmxtableview



In the video link above I used a tableview with "detail" controls inside them, two of them are fmxedit and I want to display with bigger font's, also I want to know how to hide the virtual keyboard manually instead of using the return key (killbyreturn event).

Hoy can I increase the height and fonts in order to the user see the information bigger?



You can take a look here to hide the keyboard programmatically

To change font/size and more please remove all default values from the StyledSettings property

  TMSFMXEdit1.StyledSettings := [];
  TMSFMXEdit1.Font.Size := 20;
  TMSFMXEdit1.Height := 100;

Hello, it works

However on iOS font size more than 25 missed on the edit control even increasing height

This could be a limitation on iOS. Did you try this on TEdit?

No, I left this on 20, can you please answer me another question I recently posted?