TMSFMXIPEdit not sizing on Android

I've been trying to customize a TMSFMXIPEdit to be a larger size for a mobile app. First I tried setting the control's size.height and size.width properties. That didn't work, so I dug into the source and had to copy the FMX.TMSIPEdit unit and start modifying the control.

I ended up iterating through the list of edits and the list of labels and adjusting each one's width and height, and tried to do the same with the IPEdit control.

The IPEdit control width will adjust fine. As will the edits and labels. The IPEdit height adjusts ok on Windows. But it doesn't adjust on Android. 

Not sure what to do at this point.

If you'd like I can send you the units in question, perhaps you can see what I'm doing wrong?

Also, wanted to modify the control so that an event would fire consistently when I start editing any edit in the edit list. On android no event that I used would fire consistently when I start deleting or in any way changing data in one of the edits. That is until I tap into a different edit. But I need the event to fire as the data in an edit is being changed.

Currently I've implemented OnChangeTracking, OnEnter, and OnKeyUp. None of them will fire consistently on Android. 




IPEdit internally uses TEdit which has a fixed height on Android/iOS.

Incredibly frustating! I spent days trying different things to get this to work! 

Can you recommend an alternate path to solving this?
What does 'fixed size' mean? 

Fixed to a set pixel height no matter what the font size is?
Fixed according to font size?
Fixed according to pixel density on the device?
Having thoroughly reviewed your code I am familiar with your approach. I could put something together to solve the issue. But I really need to know that the control that I am starting with is going to work on both platforms (ios/android).

Any recommendations? It's just that I feel like finger based navigation is so much easier when you can enlarge the controls/fonts etc. That's just about all that I am trying to do.



This behavior is defined on FireMonkey level. TEdit cannot be resized in height. The width can be resized. If you want to resize controls, you could try the Scale factor instead on TTMSFMXIPEdit level.