Incorrect address returned

I'm using WebGMaps VCL to create a dealer locator for our customer service reps. I am using the most recent version ( in Delphi XE8.

We have come upon an unusual situation. Someone plugged in the zip code for Parsippany, NJ - 07054. The request is submitted to Google with the address of '07054, USA'. What is returned contains the latitude and longitude of Independence, Kansas 67301. Submitting the request with the address of '67301, USA' returns the correct result. Searching for the zip code '07055' returns the correct result: Passaic, NJ. Finally, searching with the submitted address of 'Parsippany, NJ, USA' also returns the correct result. It is only the one special case that returns incorrect information.

Has anyone else experienced unusual incorrect results being returned like this? 



I'm assuming you are using the TWebGMapsGeocoding control to retrieve a Latitude/Longitude location based on the a provided address.
We are not aware of such an issue when using this control and we haven't received any similar reports from other users. 
I've tested the specific string you mentioned "07054, USA" and the resulting coordinates are correct.

If the problem persists, can you please provide exact instructions on how the issue can be reproduced so I can further investigate this?