TTMSFNCGeocoding - Postal Code Different from expected

I have a Geocoding Application using TTMSFNCGeocoding. I am using it with Google Maps in USA. In testing, I find that all values returned are as expected except the postal code obtained using:
PostalCode := ARequest.Items[I].PostalCode;

Some addresses return a five digit USA zip code for the postal code but many others do not even though the other values are returned correctly. For Example, this address:
100 Huey P Long Ave, Gretna, LA 70053, USA

Address=100 Huey P Long Ave, Gretna, LA 70053, USA
Lon=-90.0668668 Lat=29.9173855
Country=United States
Street=Huey P Long Avenue 100

The expected postal code is 70053 although USA does have a four digit extension that can be used. Why am I receiving 5814 for the postal code?


It is unclear.
The component merely performs the HTTP request to the Google service and returns its response and in itself does not interfere with the data posted nor with the result.
Some other reference I could find related: