Incomplete update


Multiple customers report that after installing an update, that the executable isn't installed correctly.
As far as I can see all users have Windows 7 Home Premium installed.
When the application is restarted they get an message saying that the exe isn't a valid win32 application. After reviewing, it turns out that the executable hasn't got the actual size of the distributed one. So I might nog be completely unpacked or else???

The executable is updated within a CAB-file and automatically extracted. Any other files that need to be updated are not compressed.

Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this, or maybe check somehow if the update is correctly done, and otherwise undo installation???

By the way: I use the latest TWebUpdate v.

The ini-files are created with UpdateBuilder v.
UpdateType: httpUpdate

It is unclear how this could result in a corrupt EXE. Normally, when there is an issue during the download, the update process would abort. Secondly, when the downloaded CAB file would be corrupt, the extract should fail.
Can you send the generated log file so we can investigate what exactly is happening?

According to the customers the download is started, but then stops at a certain point, but the application is still restarted as if it was complete.


procedure TFHoofdscherm.WebUpdate1Status(Sender: TObject;
  StatusStr: String; StatusCode, ErrCode: Integer);
    If ErrCode <> 0 then
                        , [ConstantP])
                  , Format(wzzUpdateFoutBijWebUpdate
                        , [ConstantP
                        ,  IntToStr(StatusCode)
                        ,  StatusStr
                        ,  IntToStr(ErrCode)])
                  , dkInformatie, NMV);
      FUpdates.btAnnuleren.Enabled := True;

procedure TFHoofdscherm.WebUpdate1AppRestart(Sender: TObject;
  var Allow: Boolean);
  Allow := True;

Is there a way to cancel the update process when an error has occured in WebUpdate1Status?

Logfile from the customer is sent to you by E-mail, just now.

Any news on this subject?

We have meanwhile sent you several emails , including one with an incremental source update, so please stick to the direct email support till this is solved.

One other related issue:

It seems that when I switch to another program during the update, it happens often that the unpacked executable is only a fraction of it's normal size. When starting the application again it gives an errormessage: Program is not a valid WIN32 application.
Today I had it for the first time on my own system. I switched to "Total Commander" (explorer) and did some copying and pasting. After I returned to my own app the download was complete and I initiated a restart so the update could be completed.

Are you trying to do something with the partially downloaded file while it is busy downloading?
So far, we have not received a single similar problem report.
Did you try to incr. source update we sent by email with extra checks?

No, I don't do anything with the downloaded file while it is busy downloading.

I've installed the updated sources for the webupdate, but haven't been able to test it yet (will soon do so though).