Image Zoom


Im trying to display somes bootstraps cards on a webpage inserting the cards using the HTML property of a WebResponsiveGrid. The card will include a group of images. All is working fine. I just want to have the image a zoom functionally. I know that by using JS, CSS and HTML i can get the image zoom to work without to much complication, but i was thinking that it my be a more simple approach to all this just using some how TWebImageZoomControl into the HTML.

Since web core includes the TWebImageZoomControl, is there any way that i can reuse this component library using HTML?

I have tried the following:


 imagezoom:= TWebImageZoomControl.Create('imggrid1');
 TWebImageZoomControl(imagezoom).url := image_url;
 TWebImageZoomControl(imagezoom).parent := frmGrid;

But that doesnt do anything when i click the image on the card. Im a newbie with TMS Web Core.

So my basic question is how in can reuse a TMS web core component using HTML, if there is a way of course.


PS Oh Noted, that i can inject html/ JS code on the support blog entries, that might be unsafe for security purpoise.

Sadly, the component can at this moment not used this way.
It is an interesting idea we will investigate for a future version.

Actually, with some small extension, we could make this work.
Expect this to be in the upcoming v2.1 release.

Oh thats great! will see it...

Another question, do you have any technology that works well with TMS Web Core for SSR (Server Side Rendering)?

Unfortunately, I'm not aware such solution exists at this moment. Not sure how you see SSR in the scope of a TMS WEB Core webbrowser client app?


I see it more on a web server site thing instead of programming. The TMS web server should be able to generate html at server site when activated in a future new project compile option, just like obfuscation.

This is very important for SEO optimization. Google can barely read JS page and other search engines cant at all read JS pages.

Regards, Aldo.

This is not within the scope of TMS WEB Core. TMS WEB Core is designed to work with any type of HTTP(s) server. Our TMS Web server is actually only created for the purpose of local testing & debugging.

oh ok... could you please provide some step by step guide link on how to install the webcore release on Linux NGINX? Saw on other thread your comment of a Xcopy comand, but dont have clear my mind on how to do it.

Thanks as always Bruno!

I'm sorry but I have no experience with NGINX myself.
Basically if you follow these steps to deploy HTML to NGINX

you can do exactly the same for the TMS WEB Core files generated in the output folder.