Image vs Picture Clarification and Advice

I am writing my very first Delphi program that will be maintaining our home inventory in an SQLite database with images/pictures of the various assets and I'd appreciate assistance.

  1. What are the differences between the standard Delphi TDBImage and TMS TDBAdvPicture and TDBAdvGDPIPicture controls and rationale for choosing one over the other?
  2. They'll be a button on the form the user will use to add/update a photo in the database and if you have any suggestions on a good way to do this or can point me to examples I will greatly appreciate it.


AdvPicture uses a Microsoft OLE API for rendering various image formats (BMP, ICO, GIF, JPEG, PNG)
AdvGDIPicture uses the Microsoft GDI+ API for rendering images in various formats.
So, the main difference is that these do not require the separate support units (like PNGImage, JPEG, etc...) that are required for TImage to render these various image formats.
Not sure about question 2, you need a button with picture on it? If so, you could consider to use TAdvGlowButton.


Thanks for your response. So the difference between TDBAdvPicture and TDBAdvGDPIPicture is how they render images (i.e., OLE API vs GDI+ API respectively). I'm not sure I know the difference, but I can do some research.

What I meant with my second point is that my application will have a button (e.g., Update Image) and its Click Event will need to load an image from a file and update a BLOB in an SQLite database and my ask is that is anyone has suggestions or examples of how to do this.

Thanks again for your assistance.