Display images in TMS's TTIWDBAdvWebGrid?

I have this TTIWDBAdvWeGrid component in my Intraweb App and I store the

filename of a JPG image in Firebird DB.

I need to know how to display these images in a TTIWDBAdvWebGrid.

Does anyone know how I would go about loading an image in from a filename stored in the DB? Or know of any demos/examples?. If I use a column type of ctPopupImage or a image not work.

Thanks for your help.


You should be able to display an image with filename coming from a db in a ctImage or ctPopupImage column.
Can you please make sure the path to the image file is correct?
You can add or change the path by using AValue paramter of the OnGetCellData event.

procedure TIWForm5.TIWDBAdvWebGrid1GetCellData(Sender: TObject; RowIndex,
  ColumnIndex: Integer; var AValue: string);
  if ColumnIndex = 1 then
    AValue := 'http://www.mywebsite.com/' + AValue;
Thank you for your words.

I need read from ClientDataSet to TTIWDBAdvWebGrid It's my problem.  (one type column is an image)



I'm not sure I understood your question correctly.
Can you please explain exactly what is going wrong?