Icon aspect in popup


When you click on a mark, a popup can appear, as well as using le ShowPopup function.
The standard icon to close it is a cross. This is really the case when the property 'LocalFileAccess' is set to False.
However when this property is to True, the Closure icon is an interrogation point (?).

Is it a bug (small)?

Are you targeting Google Maps?


No, with openstreet



Télécharger TypeApp pour Android

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible


We have investigated this here and noticed that when saving the file, it didn't save it with UTF8 encoding, which is the reason for the "X" to disappear because it is an UTF8 character and not compatible with the default ANSI file format in Windows. We have applied a fix for this, which will be available in the next release. you can already try it out by changing this line:

fn := TTMSFNCUtils.AddBackslash(TTMSFNCUtils.GetTempPath) + CreateNewGUID + '.html';

To this:

fn := TTMSFNCUtils.AddBackslash(TTMSFNCUtils.GetTempPath) + CreateNewGUID + '.html';
s.SaveToFile(fn{$IFNDEF LCLWEBLIB}, TEncoding.UTF8{$ENDIF});

Thanks a lot
I will wait for a next version, because it is not so important
:+1: :clap: