TMSFNCMaps CloseAllPopups

I have the problem that popups for markers are not deleted by TMSFNCMaps1.CloseAllPopups;. This is relevant when I load a new problem file into my application and therefore want to delete the old markers and display the new ones.

I'm not sure I understand your question. We are not aware of any issues with the CloseAllPopups call.
Can you please describe exactly what you are trying to do and what is going wrong so I can further investigate this?

I have the same problem with RAD Studio Alexandria (Delphi VCL).
I search for a city and place markers for the results like this ...

MyMap.AddMarker(ARequest.Items[I].Coordinate.ToRec, ARequest.Items[I].Address , MyMarker );

The user can click on the markers and gets a popup with address.

After a new search for another city, I try to clear all popups with ...


The markers are gone - opened popups are still there.
The only solution so far: no popup text

Please check.

Best regards, Dirk

Thank you for notifying.

The ClearAllPopups call is intended only to remove popups created with ShowPopup call.
However the ClearMarkers call should indeed remove the popup related to the Marker Title as well as the marker itself.
We'll investigate to improve this behavior in a future version because this will require non-trivial changes.

As an alternative you can use Labels instead.

More information about using labels can be found in the documentation: