I can't open a form created with Delphi version containing a Dataset and TWideStringFields

I have a TWebForm that contains a TWebClientDataSet and a TWebDataSource.

I have the TFields created at runtime in the TWebClientDataSet; this is necessary for the form's purpose.

The TFields created are almost all of type TWideStringField; I don't know if the problem is because of this or if it is going to happen with any TField.

I need to open the form with VSC because this environment is better for designing forms with HTML combined, but...

when I open the file and click Ctrl+F12 to see the design view, I get the following message:

I don't know what the problem could be.

Anyone had found the problem.

If I click "Go to Definition" on the context menu over the TWideStringField definition in the source code, the file WEBLib.CDS file is opened, and inside it, the definition of the TWideStringField is correct. With the comment over it, "// for compatibility with Delphi code".

Anyone with the same problem? Thanks.

In the browser, all strings are unicode by default, so widestring does not make much sense, TStringField is already unicode by default.

I understand, then, that it is easier to use TStringField instead of TWideStringField.

I'm going to make the change and test it. Ok.

I think it is working well!

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