TWebClientDataset Fields Editor not working

I am following a basic example in the Holger Flic book.

At the point where I right-click the WebClientDataset1 in the Delphi IDE and click "Fields Editor ..." nothing happens.

Perhaps there is a resource that the IDE needs to access to open this editor which is not available for some reason?

Any help is appreciated.

Just like for any dataset in a VCL app, the fields collection editor should appear:


Not for me. I click on the "Edit Fields" menu choice and nothing happens.

I guess there is a DFM somewhere which should be instantiated to act as an editor. My assumption is that my IDE is not seeing it for some reason.

I have searched the TMS Source tree for DFM files which might be called, but I cannot see anything.

If you can pass me the DFM file name I can search the whole of my disk. Probably it has been installed in an unexpected place.

Do you have a clean setup/install? See under : Component / Install Packages that ALL 3 TMS WEB Core packages are listed AND checked.

Thank you for the quick replies Bruno!

I found the issue.

I have a multi-monitor display. The Fields Editor was being shown, but it was appearing outside my screen area, without any way of knowing this was the case.

By pressing "[ctrl] [space]" I got a context menu to "move" the Fields Editor Window, so I could pull it onto the visible screen area.

Sorry for not spotting this immediately. I am still feeling my way into TMS Webcore.

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