I bought a template, but it works badly with respect to your docs.

I bought this template to use with TMS Web Core, but after many trials, I am definitively convinced that something is wrong.

In your docs and your videos, it is easy to insert a TWebTableControl, e.g., and insert in it data or HTML on his cells. But with this template, it is not possible. Fails and fails all the time. It does not respect the design when I assign the ElementID, and more so when I insert data or HTML code in the Cells properties.

Is there some kind of template specifically designed to be used with TMS Web Core, or do I need to search for some characteristics of the templates that are usable with TMS Web Core?

First thing to check: do you see errors in the browser console?

No. Sorry. Mi problems are not about running applications using the Template.
My problems are about the consistency of the templates when I substitute some HTML components with TMS Web Core TWebXXX components using the ElementID for this purpose.

When I do this, almost always, the Template destroys the designs. I think it is a problem with the CSS that is not intended to be used in this manner.

However, I recently discovered a new way of doing this with TMS Web Core.
Explained by Holger Flick in this video.

I'm investigating and trying it. It seems like a better form for my project.
I write the HTML code on the air within my Delphi code.

Of course, I'm not an obsessed programmer. I will use the ElementID assignment technique when necessary.

A good balance between the three options will be a good approach:

  • Use VCL Design,
  • ElementID assignment and
  • dynamic creation of HTML code.