HTML editor at run-time in C++


I'm trying to allow end users bring up the mini-html editor in at run time but trying to translate between the pascal code example here on the site and c++ isn't working well for me.

I plan on using it with TAdvSmoothPanel if that makes a difference for which file to include.  I'm currently including htmlprop.hpp.

Does anyone have an example of using the mini html editor at run time in C++?

I should include the code for what I have been trying.

#include "htmlprop.hpp"

Thtmleditor *edit = new Thtmleditor(); //Doesn't work. I cannot seem to create an instance.

Error Message: [C++ Error] message_center_form.cpp(84): E2285 Could not find a match for 'Thtmleditor::Thtmleditor()'

Doing this compiles and autocomplete shows the components properties:

 Thtmleditor *editor;

However creates an access violation at runtime when called.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?

C++ is case sensitive. The name of the class is:


Thank you for the response. The spelling and case you posted is what I tried to use first but I got messages stating that a type name was expected.

I checked htmlprop.hpp and found under declarations:

class DELPHICLASS Thtmleditor;
class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION Thtmleditor : public Forms::TForm

Should I be looking for a different file?