HTMLEdit from VCL application


   In Intraweb applications, users can use TIWHTMLEdit to edit text in html format.

   Is there a similar component for VCL applications ?

Please see:

A sample Delphi project can be downloaded here (assuming the HTMLabel component is available on the component palette:

Hello Nancy,

   thanks for your quickly response.

   I have downloaded sample Delphi project, and I tried to re-write for C++ Builder (I haven't Delphi compiler, only C++Builder)

   Thtmleditor *HTMLEdit = new Thtmleditor(this);
      HTMLEdit->Memo1->Lines->Text = HTMLabel1->HTMLText->Text;
      HTMLabel1->HTMLText->Text = HTMLEdit->HTMLStaticText1->HTMLText->Text;
      delete HTMLEdit;

   And I added path to "HTMLProp.hpp" in "Project-Options-Include Path" and "Project-Options-Library Path"

   But I can't compile it:

[ILINK32 Error] Error: Unresolved external '__fastcall Htmlprop::Thtmleditor::~Thtmleditor()' referenced from C:\USERS\AGISBERT\DOCUMENTS\RAD STUDIO\PROJECTS\TESTADVMEMO\WIN32\DEBUG\UNIT1.OBJ

   Is it necessary to specify the path to something else? 

   Or maybe I translated something incorrectly?

Do you make it link with TMSDEDxx.LIB?

Hello Bruno,

   Ok, If I link with TMSDEDxe2.lib compile it correctly.

   And now I can see it isn't what I needed.

   I need users write text with rich edit features like bold, italic, etc...
   And load / save as HTML the text in a record or file.

   I see AdvMemo has "SaveToHTML" method, but I can't see a method "LoadFromHTML".

   Is it possible to load HTML content in a AdvMemo ? (the user should not see the HTML tags)

Sorry, TAdvMemo does not have a LoadFromHTML function. Please understand TAdvMemo is a syntax highlighting editor, all text coloring is based on syntax rules.