HTML and PerMontior v2

It seems that HTML font size is not scaled when monitor resolution is greater than 100% and manifest is set for permonitor v2., For example, while the size of TMSFNCTaskDialog is scaled, the font size set using html in the content is not similarly scaled.
Is this the expected result or am I doing something wrong?


Which framework are you using? What are your steps to reproduce this? It would also help if you could include screenshots that shows what is happening vs what is expected.

Thanks for responding.
Using Delphi VCL.
Case 1: With display resolution (on the system) set at 100% and Options/Application/Manifest/DPI Awareness = none Text shows at proper size relative to the dialog.
Case 2: With display resolution (on the system) set at 150% and Options/Application/Manifest/DPI Awareness = Per Monitor v2. Text shows much smaller than proper size, relative to the dialog.
In both cases, scaling is set to true on the parent form.

TMSFNCTask Dialog is called as follows. Note that the font size is specified in preparing the text for the content property.

procedure TMainWindow.singleBtnTask (messageS,titleS,instructionS,iconS:string);
messageFormattedS: string;
if Uppercase(iconS)='ERROR' then TMSFNCTaskDialog1.Icon:=tdiError;
if Uppercase(iconS)='INFORMATION' then TMSFNCTaskDialog1.Icon:=tdiInformation;
if Uppercase(iconS)='QUESTION' then TMSFNCTaskDialog1.Icon:=tdiQuestion;
if Uppercase(iconS)='WARNING' then TMSFNCTaskDialog1.Icon:=tdiWarning;

The same issue occurs if using html to specify the font size in a TMSFNCHTMLText component.

I will follow up with screenshots but since attachments break the formatting when submitting to this forum, I'm sending those in a separate submission.

Thank you.

Thank you, we could reproduce this now and we are investigating the issue.