HTML 5 charts


I have just registered for HTML 5 charts. I get "Browser does not support HTML5" when I try the demo with IE9. The other browsers work OK. Can IE9 render your HTML5 charts with a change in setup or does it just not support the required functions?


What IntraWeb version do you use?

Did you verify the DOCTYPE HTML was properly rendered and that your IE9 is in Standards mode and not in Quirks mode?

I am using the latest version of IW XI (56).

I compiled and ran TMSIWHTML5ChartDemo.dproj
The form create event sets 
  PageContext.DocType := '<!DOCTYPE html>';

However, I can't see this directive in the resulting page source ??
The IE9 browser does not appear to be running Compatability mode or anything like that. Not sure about Quirks mode. 

Let me know if I need to upgrade to a later version of Intraweb.
I tried the latest XII but reverted back to XI when I found they had broken your stuff.

  • There might be an issue with the PageContext.DocType call in the IW XI version you are using if it does not appear in the resulting page source.
    We haven't noticed any issue with this call in earlier IW XI version or in IW 12.x
    Please contact Atozed Software for further assistance about this IntraWeb issue.

    - You can verify and change the mode IE9 is running in by pressing F12 in the browser window.
    Then look at the Document Mode setting in the toolbar of the popup window, which should be set to IE9 Standards. (see screenshot)

Bart Holvoet2012-01-16 03:43:55

Thanks Bart,

IE9 was in fact going into Quirks Mode.
I had a look at the IW XI source (v53) and it now seems to use a DocMode variable of the Server Controller. I put <!DOCTYPE html> in this variable of the server controller module and now IE9 renders the graphs fine.