Wondering if components support IE9


Im wondering if the TMS intraweb components support older Internet Explorer versions, like IE9.
I've got an application that uses your TTIWchecklistbox, and its using the onAsyncChange event.  I've got a customer that has some users stuck on IE9, and it appears the onAsyncChange event is not firing when the user checks one of the items (using IE9).  It works well using modern versions of Chrome.

Using IW 14.0.46.  Not sure of my TMS version number...it doesn't show it in the Object Inspector.

Thanks for any insight,
Chisolm Wilson

We do not actively test anymore on this by Microsoft meanwhile deprecated browser. I'd suggest to first verify if you use the latest version of our components (see the .txt file in the source folder for version info) and if the problem persists with the latest version in a new app just using the TTIWCheckListBox, we'll need to look if we can somehow still setup an old IE9 to test this and when needed, fix this.

Looks like I have TMS Intraweb Component pack pro v

I know you can't really support and test with old browsers so I'm not gonna ask you to do so.  I was just wondering if you knew anything specific off the top of your head that would provide an explanation.  I think I'm going to just tell my customer that we dont support IE9.
Looking through your recent history file, it doesn't appear any changes were made to the IWchecklistbox.


There is nothing we changed recently in this area and not really something I can think of that would cause a problem on IE9, so, we'd really have to be able to reproduce this here and investigate.

Can a Javascript error be seen on the machine where the problem occurs?