How to use TWebPageControl with Bootstrap

I would like an html example of how to use the bootstrap with TWebPageControl component, the installer examples do not contain any examples. I don't know how the ElementID binding in the PageControl and TabSheet is, do you have any complete example of this binding?

Taking advantage of the contact I would like to make a suggestion to make examples or videos demonstrating how to apply the bootstrap in each component, because it is not possible to know how the ElementoID relationship is made and what to configure in each component.

The WebPageControl.ElementID binding is on the outer DIV in which the TWebPagerControl is hosted. The WebTabSheet.ElementID maps on the DIV element used as container for the tabsheet. WebTabSheet descends from TCustomPanel. As a panel can have a caption area and body, there is the ElementClassName for the outer DIV and the ElementBodyClassName for the SPAN element that functions as container.

We'll look to increase the nr. of samples for styled standard TMS WEB Core controls.

Do you have any HTML examples and what IDs link to ElementID?

have to revive this topic as I'm searching for (Bootstrap) styled TMS Web Core Controls but can't find one for TWebMainMenu or TWebPageControl etc.

Any more detailed hints?

Thanks in advance!

When you set Form.CSSLibrary = cssBootstrap and drop a new TWebPageControl on the form, it will be preset to Bootstrap style now.

Works and looks great!

On the other hand, I learn much from the settings in the object inspector.