Mixing bootstrap html code and Delphi (sub)forms

There is (main) form with a bootstrap navbar as a main menu and a

with an id for content to which a subform is assigned to. A component put on the subform overlaps the navbar if top < 50 (dependend on height / font size of navbar). Similar with left border.

I tried quite a few settings with div margins or padding and / or positioning in the object inspector but with no success.

Any idea? Thanks for reading.


Without knowing more details, it is hard to guess what is happening.
Try to isolate this and send a sample source project with which we can reproduce this here.

Thanks for your reply.

But now I run into problems making the demo.

Cutting down the original version of the WebApp as soon as TWebClientDataset + TWebDataSource are removed the subform is shown corrupted.
Trying to recreate the subform the WebDBGrid inside a WebPageControl is not displayed (and no type error). Adding a webdatasource and webclientdataset (without a connection) changes nothing.

I go on working on the demo and just hope to get it working.

Finally got a working demo just the TWebPageControl doesn't show the tabs. No clue why not.
Have to add some notes for clarification and will then send it to support.