Bootstrap to WebCore classes

Based on customer feedback am in the process to convert my TMS WebCore (which I refer to WC below) applications from the old delphi desktop style to a more modern web style, and from I understand all WC components can be assigned an adequate bootstrap class for the component to be rendered according to a web template.
Alternatively the component can be assigned an Element ID to follow the specific ID in the web template.
Example: A button can look much better with a componentclass property of 'btn btn-warning' or just assign an id of an already styled button on the web html template.

My question is: for the other components that are not as obvious as a button, where can I find, for reference, a list of matching bootstrap classes that can look good and work when assigned an id? At least of suggested bootstrap classes.
Specifically I have not found one for the Web page control and webtabsheet, webSplitter and others.
Would like to have a list (at least class suggestions) for the FNC UI and other components also. The idea is to minimize trial and error if already is there such a list somewhere.


There is at this time no such list. That is a good suggestion to make one. We've added this on the todolist.

Great. Thanks.