How to use TINIInspectorBar?

I'm playing around  with the InspectorBars and espacially the TINIInspectorBar and having some diffculties.
How do I load an ini file into the bar?

The objectinspector shows a field INIFile, which I can fill.
But how do I load the file or populate the INIInspectorBar with the ini file content?

The procedure Loaded seemed the only thing leading to the desired result.
But it didn't.

Is there any documentation or demo code for this component?
I haven't found one in the usual places.

If you want to see all sections of the INI file, set AllSections = true after you set the INI file and it will show all sections and their items in the INIInspectorBar.
If you want to see specific sections only, add Panels and set the section name you want to see in the panel in the INIInspectorBar

It works, well partly.
I only see one section after setting the file name and the AllSections property.
I thought it was because I use blank lines between sections to make the ini files more readable.

Sadly that wasn't the case.

But now I know how to display all the sections. Even if it is a little more complicated.