how to unlock and use checkboxes on the grid DBAdvGrid

on the DBAdvGrid grid I want to create a column with a checkboxes. with the option: CheckBox -> True, Editor -> edCheckBox I enable checkboxes on the grid but they are not clickable. How to unlock them and how to use them later (check which line is selected and which is not)

These checkboxes in DB grid columns are editable by default when the dataset is in editing state, otherwise disabled.
If you want to override this, set grid.ControlLook.NoDisabledCheckRadioLook = true

enabling this option does not make it possible to click on checkboxes.
Let me just mention that this column with checkboxes is created additionally. It is not "part" of the dataset.

If this is a column that isn't mapped on a dataset field, set grid.PageMode = false and try to add this column of checkboxes via grid.AddCheckBoxColumn().