DBAdvGrid - column with checkbox read-only

Hi TMS Support,

I have a DBAdvGrid in my form and the property "goEditing = False". I want one of my column to show a "checkbox". I can't edit any of my field. But when I click in the "checkbox" column, I can click again and the "checkbox" become checked.

I try to set my column editor to "edDataCheckbox" and try to set the "CheckBoxField = True". These two tests doesn't work.

I try to set "readonly = True", it works but all the others fields are black and the checkbox become gray.

Thanks for your help.

Do you set grid.Columns[x].ReadOnly?

No, because if I do my checkbox turns to gray and the other columns (fonts) are black.

I don't understand why all the other columns can't be edited, but this one can ? 

What are the full grid settings?
What is the setting for


Thanks for the answer Bruno.

I haven't look at the "ControlLook" properties of the grid. It works well.