Checkbox in dbadvgrid not attached to field?

I have setup my Tdbadvgrid with a column 1 that is a checkbox editor.  I want to let the user check the boxes for a disjunct selection set.  No matter what i do, the state of the box does not change.  The event is executing, and the row is being selected, but there is no check in the box.  I don't see what i am doing wrong.

procedure Torderlist.DBAdvGrid1CheckBoxClick(Sender: TObject; ACol,
  ARow: Integer; State: Boolean);
  dbadvgrid1.rowselect[Arow] := not dbadvgrid1.rowselect[Arow];
  state := not state;
  showmessage('clicked the box for row '+inttostr(arow));

Did you have a look at the ADOSelection demo in the DBAdvGrid demos folder that demonstrates how this can be done? Here a column with the editor type edDataCheckBox was added (column 1)

I had the editor for the column set to edCheckBox instead of edDataCheckBox.  Mystery solved.  Thanks Bruno!