how to set scrolling on TWebResponsiveGridPanel

We want to develop ImageViwer using TWebResponsiveGridPanel.
A problem occurred during development.
We need scrolling functionality on TWebResponsiveGridPanel but I can't find it.
Please help us about this issue.
Detail Information like below.
TWebPanel( with TTMSFNCImage )(s) on TWebResponsiveGridPanel
Image file is also attached.

You could put the TWebResponsiveGridPanel in a TWebScrollBox.

We could not set autoscrool with TWebResponsiveGridPanel.
We is attached the sample project.
Please check it.
Thank you. (18.8 KB)

I suggested to use a TWebScrollBox as parent of the TWebContinuousScroll but the project you sent does not include a TWebScrollBox as I instructed.

Dear, Bruno Fierens.
I can not understand your advice.
Could you give me the sample you mean?
Please help me!
I put TWebScrollBox on my sample project.
but I do not know how to set TWebContinuousScroll.
so I request to you to help.

Your initial questions all refer to TWebResponsiveGridPanel and now your refer to TWebContinuousScroll?
It is as such unclear to me what exactly you want.

Dear, Bruno Fierens.
I want 1st resquest Evn.
It inculdes TWebPanel(s) with auto scrolling function on TWebResponsiveGridPanel.
Please give me the sample code.

Could you give me the sample code?
If you could not, I want to decide it about changing the SPEC about displaying ImageViewe work.

Based on what we understood as your requirements, we quickly put a demo together. (5.6 KB)