How to refer to another sheet on TAdvGridWorkbook

Im using Delphi 10 and TAdvGridWorkbook.

For example, the formula that references another cell is as follows. 
AdvGridWorkbook1.Grid.Cells[1,2]:= '=B5*B9';

If I want to refer to another sheet, what should I do?

For example, in the following cases, The error is displayed "Invalid sheet: MySheetName."
AdvGridWorkbook1.Grid.Cells[1,3]:= '=COUNTIF('+''''+'MySheetName'+''''+'!1:65536,"<"&100)';

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TAdvGridWorkbook is built-up from TAdvStringGrid instances and to work with formulas, it is required this would be TAdvSpreadGrid instances. As such, TAdvGridWorkbook can 't be used for such formula references. You would need to use a TPageControl with different TAdvSpreadGrid instances and TGridBinder component as demonstrated in the TAdvSpreadGrid demo.

Your advice was very helpful. Thank you very much.