Get element of obtaining tab

When Saving Data TAdvGridExcelIO component in cell If there are links to others tabs for example: = 'Section 2'! E9 at component not understand where the Look him. 

The place where I find happening on the Search: 
.. \ Components \ TMS Component Pack \ XlsAdapter \ tmsUXlsEncodeFormula.pas 

function TParseString.GetExternSheet (const ExternSheet: UTF16String): word; 
FCellList.FindSheet (SheetName, Sheet1); 

I have 7 tabs in a file, When i import files in TAdvGridExcelIO everything is OK. But when i Export data function FindSheet () see one only tab and have name "SHEET1". 

Sorry, TAdvGridWorkbook doesn't have this feature to handle inter sheet calculations.
TAdvGridWorkbook does not handle or maintain relationships between grids and as such, can't do it either for sheets imported by TAdvGridExcelIO.

ok thanks i find problem: D:\Work\Components\TMS Component Pack\XlsAdapter\tmsAdvGridExcel.pas 

she not find FAdvGridWorkbook and create default shett with name "Sheet1"