How to install older version

Smart setup saves older versions in the download folder.

Is ist possible to use one of these older versions to install it with smrt setup?
I can't find a parameter for addressing a special version.


It is in our plans to have a way to install a specific version, like tms install tms.flexcel.vcl:7.1 but currently it isn't implemented. There are many details to consider, like dependencies, etc. but the ability to specify a version (or "pin" a version) is coming.

Still, you can easily do it today manually. Steps:

  1. remove the old product from the "Products" folder. Say, remove the tms.flexcel.vcl folder from the products folder.
  2. Unzip the version you want from the old versions folder inside the "Products" folder, in the same folder it was before. (say, unzip it in tms.flexcel.vcl if you are installing an old FlexCel version).
  3. run tms build

That's it, you should now have the version you wanted installed. Of course, if you do a tms update it will re-download and re-install the latest. But as long as you do tms build it will keep building the products inside the Products folder. You can even manually modify the sources there, do a tms build, and it will reinstall the product with your modifications.

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