TMSSubscriptionManager: access violation when selecting an old version

Due to the faulty setups, I wanted to select the older setup files with the TMSSubscriptionManager
When I select the previous version with the left mouse button, I only get an access violation.


So I can no longer install the old versions with TMSSubscriptionManager

Fortunately, it still works with TMSSubscriptionManager I realise that I could also do this completely by hand - but it's tedious.

How is this worst case scenario solved with the Smart Setup Installer? Can I switch back to a previous version?

About smart setup, currently we don't have a simple way to roll back to a previous version, but this is something we've considered from the beginning. It is just that we haven't got time to do it yet, and we are currently having lengthly discussions about all of the possible user cases and how to handle them better. There are cases like where you would want to have 2 different versions of the same component at the same time, for 2 different applications. And many others.

So we still are deciding in the best way to handle all cases. Right now anyway, rolling back wouldn't be difficult: All the old versions of smart setup bundles are saved in a 'OldDownloads' folder (Current versions are in 'CurrentDownloads'). And the smart setup bundles are just zip files with the source code inside. So to roll back to an old version, you would just go to "Products" and remove the component you want to roll back. Then go to OldDownloads, and unzip the old component below Products. Then run "tms build" and you've rolled back. As said, this process should be a simpler "tms rollback" command or similar, but we are still developing that.