How to handle PWA offline data?

Thanks for all the help and advice , right now , i am making progress and moving to learn about how to get my PWA to be ready to offline.

at this moment , it will mainly use the TwebClientConnection or
TWebHttpRequest , 

i intend to use indexed-db for my offline data, and i have already started my application using TMS Webcore PWA template .

1. How to handle and detect of the availability of the network in my TMS webcore PWA ?
2. is OnConnecError a good place to handle by insert the necessary
    ASM block to handle my indexedDB JS call ?
3. is there any difference between Google workbox and TMS webcore own serviceworker.js ?
4. in your opinion , will it be good to handle the indexedDB using its raw 2.0 API or using 
   a library/framework like : ?


The Application object singleton has the property

Application.IsOnline that you can use to detect online/offline state and from there decide to use IndexedDB.
We work to have IndexedDB support directly included in TMS WEB Core in v1.2

Wow, feeling great again with TMS webcore , great job!  awesome , can't wait to receive update v1.2 , is there any tentative release date ?

We aim for somewhere in March