how do i integrate with google firebase?

Hi ,is there any plan for TMS Webcore to work with  google firebase ?

Yes, this is work in progress here. 

With no unexpected events, we will unveil the first things about this tomorrow.
I tried to register the firebase-messaging-sw.js , but
not able to get the service worker run , if i read the forum earlier , it will save me a a few hours  , :)

Great news and looking forward for it  ... TMS Webcore ... getting better and better and faster and faster ... begin to gain my love back to Delphi again ! 

We have so far not yet worked with the firebase messaging part, only the firebase datastore access. So unfortunately, at this point, we can't help with firebase-messaging-sw.js

Hi, by referring to and added a blank firebase-messagig-sw.js to the project  some standard code as advice by google , i manage to get the TMS Webcore PWA to load but the problem is that , the firebase service worker just do not load properly , i think we are not far from getting it to work , as long as we can get the listener / service worker started for the firebase messaging , we should be good.

share here ,hope to see anyone have any success or experience with the firebase-messaging with TMS webcore. Love to use it for my PWA notification. Thanks.

Hi, as i need my pwa to receive notification but tried to get the firebase-messaging-sw.js service worker to register , may be due to TMS webcore framework is not ready , so just would like to check and see if there is any plan in the pipeline for TMS webcore pwa to receive firebase push notification ?


This is on our shortlist of things to add, but at this time, I cannot yet give an ETA for this.
This is something on our list for post v1.2 features.

We are in version

Any position on Push Notification?

Thank you

Work is in progress to have both built-in integrations for Firebase (Firestore) and push notifications.

If you have an interest in this, we could provide in the coming weeks beta level code for your testing.
What a great news.

Yes, I need a lot. My focus is PWA.

Please include me in these beta versions and anything I give feedback here.

Thank you.

I suggest to contact us by email. I'll add you to the list and when it is ready to go into a distribution, we can send it.

Has FCM been included in TMS web core meanwhile ? and is there some example ?


New enhancements are for data storage not messaging