How far can I go with Plugins?

I want to modularize my app, which is more like a system of apps. There are several programs to be "plugged in" to a common Login Program.
Can I put a complete Program into a plugin?
If so, is there any demo showing this or giving a hint towards it?
Can the Datamodule be accessed by plugins to use a database?
Is it possible to cascade plugins? (plugin to another plugin)

TIA Rolf

  1. TMS Plugin Framework has not been designed to have a complete app as a plugin. A plugin remains a BPL file.
    2) You can put a datamodule in a plugin. You'll need to provide a custom service method to provide access to the plugin datamodule from the main app.
    3) While we have not tested cascaded plugins, we do not directly see a technical limitation for this.