FMX forms through plugin framework

I have created a FMX based html editor/viewer using an html editor component that can have and handle embedded FMX controls (TMS FNC controls in this case) and both work unbelievable good in multiple devices. The editor/viewer uses the DFM source of each embedded control.
I was thinking now to use the main FMX form of the above editor in an existing VCL application using the TFireMonkeyContainer. To avoid problems concerning mixing libraries and as this is not official supported by the IDE, I was thinking to have all needed FMX forms in a plugin through TMS plugin framework.
What is your opinion about that? Is it possible? Do you propose something alternative?
Thank you in advance

Sorry, we haven't tried this with TMS Plugin Framework so far.
Some information is here

I apologize, I have in mind but after I read that it is a VCL control and not a unified framework. Finally, I did not use it.
I compiled FMX forms in a bpl package and used this package in my VCL projects together with the opensource TFireMonkeyContainer from Dave. I have not notice any problem till and it works.
Thank you