PWA and Push Notifications


Do we have any documentation or demo or blog article, how can we integrate push notification with PWA/WebApp in TMS Web Core?

I'm thinking about standard services for this, e.g. FireBase etc.
this is very important since safari supports push notification for web app (IOS 16.4)

We have not checked this yet with the new iOS 16.4, but here is the information about the WebPushNotifications component:

Yes I saw this demo but I see that it uses internal push server without source code.
Where can I find info how use this component to FireBase or other known push notification cloud services?

At this moment we do not have such sample applications with other push notification services. We just did work on handling this with a custom built push notification server.
We've added it on the feature request list to consider building a demo showing integration with other push notification services.