FMXRichEditor fontcolor

i want FmxRichEditor fontcolor changed.

i wnat this type.

but fmxRichEditor changed one fontcolor effect.

which method?

With TMSFMXRichEditor.SetSelectionColor(Color) you can change the text color of selected text.

i use TMSFMXRichEditor.SetSelectionColor(Color)

then selection text is color changed.
but focus tmsfmxricheditor, change font color

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean.
Do you have exact steps with which we can reproduce the problem?


  def selection and 

but add to "ghj" is TMSFMXRichEditor.
"abcdefghj " 

Is this the latest version of the component?

Do you add more text by keyboard or programmatically?
I tried both here but I cannot see that the color of 'abc' is affected by anything that happens after this.


 tms FMXUI pack yesterday buy.
 FMXRICHEditor version is v1.2.22.1
keyboard input.
your email adress send to me? 
i send to you, movie

FMX ui pack, purchase version is 3.5,

i am checking now, 

FMX UI PACK version is v3.6.5.1 version

Please provide a sample source project via email with clear steps how to reproduce the problem (actions needed via user interface or programmatically)

How can I send it?

i am send to u, email

platform is android.

We follow-up by email.