HotSpotImage loading/saving spots


I want to save and loads HotSpots at runtime with:


This works but I have one issue. By loading the HotSpots, they load without propertys. Means, the position of the HotSpots is loaded correct but the rest, the colours, the click/hover/selected states and so on will not be loaded.
Does I have to save them extra?

Andreas Ernst

By testing around a little bit I noticed, that I can't use THotSpotImage Component with several Pictures and HotSpots.
When I load 1.jpg and the HotSpots for this, everything is fine. When I load 2.jpg then with the HotSpots for it, the HotSpots for 1.jpg still exist and work.
Why this, when I loaded different ones?


I tested it on two different VM's, even a clear Delphi Version.
Only the HotSpot Positions get saved, not the HotSpots propertys.

Please help me to fix this.

Can't be reproduced.
As you should see in the attached sample, the orange hover color IS persisted.

Sample code download:

Yes, I checked the Sample.

There the Image is predefined.
I have the Bug - reproducable - when I make at runtime a 
HotSpotImage.visible := false;

Load the same Picture again and then load the HotSpots of this from File. 

What I make in the Delphi IDE works fine. Only by loading and/or saving at runtime I have this Problem.

If you sill couldn't reproduce it, I can upload you a Sample from me.

Andreas Ernst

(Sorry for posting in differend Channels. After posting here I saw that the Forums not have much Traffic and so I wasn't sure if I get an Answer here.)

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