Hide entities and methods from aurelius definition in xData Rest endpoints list

I'm implementing service manually by using aurelius entities unit to access in database inside processes.
Working fine
Aurelius file is generated from Data Modeler = it's great !
but all entities from aurelius definition are exposed in REST Endpoints (and SwaggerUI) with all my own
How to avoid to expose them keeping only those I implement manually?

You can use EntitySetPermissions and DefaultEntitySetPermissions property to include/remove entities from the API: TMS Aurelius CRUD Endpoints | TMS XData documentation.

Hi Wagner
Thanks for your quick answer
Doc exposes to use TXDataServerModule but as I'm using directly in a DataModule
How to access to TXDataServerModule as I didn't need to create it?

The TXDataServer has analogous properties there available in the object inspector for you to use.

Thanks Wagner for your quick answer and quality of design for these solutions (xData, Sparkle...)
Each time I'm using these components I stay surprised by them how they enable to create complex API so quickly

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