XData Server with Aurelius/Database

I'm creating a REST server using XData but without any requirement for a database connection or Aurelius ORM.

I want to use the model option to divide the application up and also want to use the middleware options available.

I'm trying to use TXDataServer (created in code), which is fine for the model (supports modelname) but as TXDataServer has a different ancestry to TXDataServerModule it's middleware is TSparkleMiddleware based and not based on THttpServerMiddleware.

Can you suggest the best approach?


missed the edit period - title should read 'without'

If you are going with the RAD approach using TXDataServer, just use the design-time middleware editor:

Thanks. I'll look at that. I was using a code based approach though.

You can use TXDataServer.OnModuleCreate event, which provides you the underlying TXDataServerModule created by the component. There you can add the middleware from code.

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