REST-Server Aurelius Entity for only internal use

I have an Aurelius Datamodel and some functions in my XData Restserver.

I want block the access to the table/entity over REST.

I have tested this code:
XDataServer.DefaultEntitySetPermissions := [];

After that, I still see the table/Entity, but if I call the Entity-Endpoint, nothing happens. No data (ok) but no Error-Message too.

It would be better, I would not see the Entity. 
But internal, I want to use the Aurelius functions.

Is there a simple solution?

Thanks, Thomas

What do you mean by "see the table/Entity"? The listing of the entity in the root URL of the server? If yes, then currently it's not possible to remove it from that list.

It doesn't affect the server anyway, since users will not be able to access it through the regular entity endpoints. 
Yes, that was what I meant.
It is a longer way to understand XData in all variations, but every day it will be better

I do have the same issue.

Ex: I have a TPerson Aurelius Entity I don't want exposed. OTOH, I need to expose a services operation (IPersonContract/TPersonService) in /Person /Person/{Id} -- now possible with XData 4.5

So, I would need to be able to exclude TPerson from XData endpoint and have /Person path used by IPersonContract (where TPersonService implementation would internally use TPerson)

Would it help using Model to solve this?

Yes, model can help you no this, by creating a model that includes only the entities you want to display.