Help with Linear Gauge Showing up

Hello All,

When deploying my application to my Android Nexus 7, I cannot get the LinearGauge to show up.  I have tried to test this by making a basic FireMonkey application with nothing but the TMSFMXLinearGauge.  I made sure it was enabled and visible, made the control on front, put some setpoints, tried changing the AdaptToStyle, etc..  Is there something I am missing to getting this to work for Android?  The CircularGauges and JogMeter seem to be working fine on my Android platform. They work fine when deploying to Win32/64 platforms.  I am currently using C++ Builder XE8.

Thanks for your help and support.

We are succesfully able to show the TTMSFMXLinearGauge component. Can you perhaps send us a sample that is able to reproduce this?

Kind Regards, 

Hi Pieter,

I think I have found the problem with the style sheet that is being applied to the linear gauges and a conflict with android.  I will try to get this resolved.

Thanks again,