Handling of #N/A in formuals on loading excel file

Formula "=IF(1=1,#N/A,2)" is lost on opening excel file. "=IF(1=1,"",2)" works. In Flexcel 7.14 "#N/A" worked as well.

cell formula value after open value version 7.14
=IF(1=1,#N/A,2) =#N/A =IF(1=1,#N/A,2)
=IF(1=1,"",2) =IF(1=1,"",2) =IF(1=1,"",2)

Is it possible to change the behavior back to that of version 7.14? Excel behaves like version 7.14

Hi, Indeed you are right.
This change was made in 2021 because if you wrote #N/A in functions that expect a reference like "OFFSET(#N/A,1,1)" inside a xlsx file it would crash Excel (And Excel won't let you enter this formula into a cell). So FlexCel converts those formulas to #N/A instead. But it looks like IF doesn't behave this way, even if second and third parameters are references, which is the reason FlexCel is turning everything into a #N/A.

We will need to manually check every one of the almost 400 functions that we support to see which ones really are causing Excel to crash (like Offset) and which ones don't (like if), so this will take some days, but we shoul be providing an update with this fixed soon.

This should be fixed in 7.19, which was just released.