Excel XY Chart with blank cells


I've got an XY Chart in an Excel file which takes values from a cell range where you can find formulas that sometimes the result can be blank instead of a number. Well, in fact blank means the formula "NA()" which returns the #N/A error.
The problem is that if then we preview the Excel file with the FlexCellPreviewer (version 5.6.5), the chart is painted taking the cells with NA() as zero values (0).
Is there any solution to that?.


Well, I've just realized that #na works different from any other error (like #name or #div0) in scatter/line charts. (in all other charts and other errors, the error is considered as 0).

I'll see if something can be added to fix it (but I am not really sure it will be feasible without lots of work)

Hi Again,

Well, I think it is fixed internally. There was already a mode to ignore empty cells, but it wasn't triggered by #na values (that for some strange reason behaves differently than any other error). So I added the #na values to the cases where it needs to skip and not set to 0, and it seems to be working fine.

We'll be releasing FlexCel 6 very soon now, and it will have this fixed. But just in case, if you want to mail me the file with issues to adrian@tmssoftware.com I'll look at it and make sure it is rendered ok. 

Charts are a little bit of a mess of special cases, if the lines are stacked it behaves some way, if it is area behaves another, etc, etc, so even if I think I have fixed all the #na possibilities, you might be using a different one. (for example, an area chart interprets the #na as 0, not as "skip"). This is why it would be good to check with your real file before publishing v6. You can of course replace all data by dummy data