Grid Livebinding glitch

I absolutely love the grid component. However i have this one annoying issue with it.
I use a lot of livebindings to make things easier.

The problem applies to TAdvStringGrid and TAdvColumnGrid for Delphi 10 Seattle.

1. Start a new project.
2. Drop a TAdvStringGrid
3. Use the LiveBindings-Designer
4. A Dropdown box will appear in the top left.

The box appears when clicking on the component in the livebindings designer.
I made a short video:

It doesn't matter if you link the livebinding to a dataset or just click it (like in the video). The combobox will appear.

You have to reopen the project (or restart Delphi) to make it disappear.

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We have seen this issue. It's unclear what the livebindings designer is doing that causes this. We're investigating this.

I logged the window messages and noticed these get called when the dropdown appears: