in last update I see grid.EditAdvance property.
What is it and what is it for?
(I'm always looking for fast direct input on grids to emulate devexpress...)
Thanks in advance

When true, when you press enter, the next cell will be automatically in edit mode.

Ok, thanks.
But there is a bug well when "navigate" on next record;
Please try yourself;

We applied an improvement for the TWebDBGrid. It will not automatically advance to the next row anymore, just between columns.

Hello Bruno,
No. Automatically advance to the next row is the correct behavior. Please don't modify.
The bug is this: when cursor in on the next row, data is modified automatically with content of previous record.
So the bug is on data content, not on navigate.
Advance on next row when navigate is good and right, please don't change

It can get more complex than this, i.e. when for example, there is a reason updated data cannot be posted to the dataset. So, for now, auto advance stops at the last column in the DBGrid.