Google Contacts

I have been updating an app called Share Stuff and I am having trouble getting the Google Contacts to work. I get a connection, but cannot retrieve Groups or Add Contacts. The Count on TMSFMXCloudGContacts1 comes back zero. I may have been able to add a group randomly. I am using Delphi Seattle and version of TMSFMXCloudGContacts1 , and Window 7. All web access by Internet Explorer, switched off Chromium support. I tried with 2 Google Accounts.

Thank You,
Bob Carson


I'm not sure what is going wrong here.
Can you please make sure your application has been configured correctly and the Google Contacts API has been enabled on the Google Developers Console?
If the problem persists, can you please enable logging (Set Logging to True and LogLevel to llDetail) and provide the LOG file which is generated in your Documents folder so I can further investigate this?

Thank you, that worked.