How to add GContact to the MyContacts group

I can add contacts to GContacts but they do not appear in MyContacts.

I tried several ways to add the MyContacts group to the newly added contact but was not successful.
Has anybody a code example on how to add a contact and at the same time adding it to the MyContacts group?

Are you using the way as shown in the demo:

    gc: TGContant;

    gc := TMSFMXCloudGContacts1.Contacts.Add;
    gc.FirstName := edFirstName.Text;
    gc.LastName := edLastName.Text;
    gc.Nickname := edNickName.Text;
    gc.JobTitle := edJob.Text;
    gc.Company := edCompany.Text;
    gc.BirthDay := dpBirthDay.Date;
    gc.Notes := meNotes.Text;


Yes - this is how I add the contact.

But it is not added to any group then.

To add a contact to a group:

  gc: TGContact;
  gcg: TGContactGroup;

    gc := TMSFMXCloudGContacts1.Contacts[0];
    gcg := gc.Groups.Add;
    gcg.ID := TMSFMXCloudGContacts1.Groups[0].ID;


This is demonstrated in the GContactsDemo application.