Possible error- detection when using TAdvGridExcel


I'm using TAdvGridExcelIO within an application for im- and exporting Excel data to my stringGrid.
The Excel- file is a 'multi- sheet' document, where I only have to work on a specified one.

The TAdvGridExcelIO works fine when I'm using the sheetname together with the filename.
But when the specified sheetname isn't in the Excel- file, TAdvGridExcelIO is using the first available sheet, which makes a lot of 'nonsense' ;-)

Is is possible to have a kind of an error- detection 'Specified sheet not available'  instead of using the first available sheet?
Regards Cliff

You can use AdvGridExcelIO.LoadSheetNames() to first query the sheet names with AdvGridExcelIO.SheetNames[] and verify in your code if the desired sheet is available.

Thx for the info...